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Field of Press Techniques

Compared to the long history of traditional publishing, contemporary publishing methods are fairly new.  Digital or electronic publishing applications and operations in the fields of the Internet publishing, enhanced content publishing and mobile publishing are becoming increasingly important.

 Share of the publishing industry in economic structure seems to be rapidly growing. Hence publishing and copyright laws have become critical issues. Courses in the curriculum have been constituted by taking into account these new developments and necessities.


Employment Profiles of Graduates

Principal areas of employment for the graduates are the media, newspapers, bookstores, magazines, new media applications and publishing industry.

 Since the developments in the publishing field have expanded the employment opportunities in the field, the demand for well-trained employees has become solid. 

 Graduates of the program have advantage for recruitment over their rivals due to the fact that they are endowed with the professional training and qualities that are required by the industry.

 In addition to the accumulation of theoretical knowledge with respect to the new developments in publishing, the graduates achieve the capabilities of developing a broad vision and of analyzing media and publishing in every aspect especially in terms of social, cultural, legal and economic aspects.


Main areas of orientation of the graduates in terms of their professional careers are as follows:

Desktop publishing: They provide publications for readers by making planning, layout, design and application in the electronic form.

E-publishing: All of the publishing processes are carried out through the Internet-based content management software. The products are information and customers are readers. They try to deliver the latest, newest and most interesting information by employing the fastest and easiest way.

Content Management: They enable websites to remain up to date by adding content such as text, photo, image or video to the sites in accordance with the rules and in a clear and understandable manner for visitors.

 SEO Management: For companies selling over the Internet, they make the products and services to be located in the first page and top places of the search engines by employing specified keywords.  After the clients’ visit to the website, they ensure the communication with the company with the right design and content management. 


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