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Field of Media Economics and Management

In our era it has become impossible to understand the media sector in a holistic manner by simply focusing on the practice of journalism.

Media enterprises which sustain information through the employment of various media channels have turned into a global power as a result of their integration with the market economy. As the influx of capital outside the sector has intensified the competitiveness in the media market, the media enterprises started to follow a wide range of strategies in the local, national and global levels in order to enhance their competitive advantages and positions in the market.

 On the other hand, transformation of the production and distribution structures of the media industry as an effect of the facilities provided by new communication technologies demonstrates the need for new revenue models for the entire industry. Such an assessment of the unique economic conditions of the sector indicates the significance of providing training in media economics.

The Field of Media Economics and Management aims at training people endowed with an understanding of journalism, competence in the fields of business, economics and finance and ability to take active role in all the media channels including audiovisual media, the Internet media and publishing industry.

 Our curriculum provides a study of the media management, financing, technology and the structures of distribution and competition. In addition, the economic conditions leading to the media behavior is concerned through a political economy approach and this provides the employment of the experts with journalism training in a wide range of areas demanded by the media industry.

 The program aims at educating researchers, media executives, academics and experts having expertise on the subjects of economic and financial journalism, marketing and distribution, advertisement and advertising management, financial management and human resource management.


Employment Profiles of Graduates

Graduates of the program have various employment opportunities in all the areas of the media industry such as financial manager, human resources manager, advertisement and advertising manager, marketing manager, consultant, economics and finance journalism professionals. Moreover they may serve as academics. 

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