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Field of Journalism

Journalism is situated on the crossroads of different disciplines such as literature, linguistics, history, communication, law, ecology, sociology, economics and political science and thus issues relevant to society and with news value are studied in the field.  

 Form and content of written and visual information and news sources such as newspaper, magazine and newsletter; analysis of news texts; news/ writing styles and news production processes are studied within the scope of the Field of Journalism.

 Principles and ethics of journalism, news sociology, reality and ideology in journalism, social and public function of press, vital and comprehensive issues such as the relationship of media-power-democracy are among the primary themes of the field.

 Employment Profiles of Graduates

Journalism undergraduate program attaches particular importance to specialization in areas such as investigative journalism, local journalism, sports journalism, visual journalism, economic journalism, online journalism and public journalism.

 In addition to the areas of journalism, media, communications, photography and publishing, our graduates also find opportunity to work in the fields of academic training, research and application in universities.

A large number of alumni who work in significant posts in the industry either in public or private sectors add meaning and value to the dignity of being a graduate as an effect of their performances. 

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