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Field of Information Technologies

Transformation of information technologies throughout the world has enforced individuals, state, private sector and even non-governmental organizations to accommodate their works to this new environment. Prepared with an interdisciplinary approach, the program was established in the light of current developments and transformations.

 Since our graduate programs in the Information Technologies Field were founded in 1994, our faculty is proud to be the first among the Communication Faculties inTurkeyto provide graduate education in the field. 

Consisting of four components that is to say logic components (software), physical components (hardware), individual and community; IT training programs are studied with an interdisciplinary approach encompassing the scopes of computer, the Internet, language, logic, sociology, philosophy and law.

Applications, means and methods of technology and particularly of the Internet-based communication and information systems in the social sciences are studied in the program.


Employment Profiles of Graduates

In addition to building academic career, graduates can find job opportunities in the Computer Centers, System Analysis and Design Departments, Software and Hardware production-integration-marketing companies and consulting companies in the subject of Information Systems and also in the Information Service providers as experts with interdisciplinary knowledge.

Graduates can be employed in positions such as Media Designer, Systems Analyst and Designer, Developer, Project Manager, IT Specialist, Database Analyst, Sales and Marketing Officer, Customer Relations Manager and Web Designer in computer firms, public institutions and organizations providing computer maintenance services; in private companies and public institutions which provide or demand network setup and management services; in companies and public institutions which provide and demand the services of exercise and management of applications and database programs having user interface; in software companies or other companies, public institutions and similar organizations that provide and demand web design services or interactive programs running in the digital environment.

They can also transfer their knowledge and skills to other professions and can achieve a leadership role in today’s society that is becoming increasingly technological and information-based.

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